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Learn more about the benefits of hiring foreign workers for any industry!

Personnel Leasing

A temporary worker can be especially beneficial if you want flexibility in case of emergencies or during peak times.

Your trusted partner for over 20 years

AGILION stands for responsibility, empathy, intuition, tradition, and experience because we operate in a field where all of these are essential: the field of recruitment and selection of human resources, as well as external workforce placement.
We recruit both skilled and unskilled workers for a wide range of fields: Construction, HoReCa, Automotive, Logistics, Agriculture, etc..


for which you will choose the collaboration with AGILION


We have the resources for both small and large projects


In large projects the CLIENT has the opportunity to participate in the candidates' interviewing


You always benefit from specialized staff with experience in your field


We offer you a GUARANTEE on the position being filled, and if an employee does not fit, we replace them


All the contracts are perfectly lawful based on law 156/2000 and GD 384/2001, NACE code 7810


We possess all the necessary departments for a successful collaboration, in optimal time.

Recruitment of foreign workers

Regardless of the field in which you operate, the foreign workers we hire for certain positions are recruited and selected according to strict rules and rigorous processes, thus ensuring that the responsibilities will be fulfilled as expected. Contact us with confidence and you will have competent staff you can rely on even in the most difficult situations!
Contactați-ne cu încredere și veți avea personal competent, pe care să vă bazați chiar și în cele mai dificile situații!

Work local. Find Global

By choosing to work with our team, you have the guarantee that the solutions we offer are quick, efficient, and tailored to meet the individual needs of each of you.

Provision of services in a temporary regime

A temporary worker can be especially beneficial if you want flexibility in case of emergencies or during peak times.
Opting for this will enable you to:
- streamline your costs
- to relieve the internal departments
- to fully control the expenditure
The minimum duration of the temporary employment contract is 4 months, and all the candidates are interviewed and tested.

Working with us comes with a wide range of benefits:

rigorous selection of staff based on tested skills

transparency in terms of the information provided (both to the employee and the employer)

the post-employment assessment / monitoring of employees after their starting work

the mediation of conflicts arising in the workplace

fast-track recruitment process

you will save time and money

you will have the entire recruitment, selection, immigration, and emigration process handled in one place, without issues, within the agreed deadlines

Success Guaranteed

Our experience in the field is reflected in all the collaborations we undertake because we know every step that needs to be taken towards the immediate resolution of all the issues and the maximum satisfaction of our collaborators.
We also emphasize transparency both in terms of the presented costs and in terms of the collaboration relationship in general.

According to the law

GO. no. 25 of 26 August 2014 on the employment and posting of foreigners on the territory of Romania and for the amendment and completion of some normative acts on the regime of foreigners in Romania (updated form as of December 2022)

G.E.O. no. 194 of 12 December 2002 on the regime of foreigners in Romania (updated May 2023)

G.D. no. 1.448 of 08 December 2022 on the establishment of the quota of workers newly admitted to the labour market in 2023.


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